Happy New Year!

    Happy New year from SC2Links!

    I am busy getting back to work on setting us up for success this year.

    If you would like regular updates on the progress we are making to improve the site, please consider becoming a patreon at https://www.patreon.com/sc2links — all proceeds go directly towards developing new and improved features for the site that are suggested by YOU!

    Otherwise, I sincerely appreciate you for visiting the site and utilizing SC2Links as your go to resource for spoiler-free Starcraft 2 VODs. Listings for the new season of the GSL can be found at: https://www.sc2links.com/tournament/?match=518 — I hope you enjoy!

    Our next post will be walking you through the features of our new login and personal feed feature — we are really excited about how it turned out and are looking forward to you utilizing it for your Starcraft 2 viewing needs!

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