Day[9] Daily 2012

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The Midgame A Fun TvZ Mech Opening! dSeleCT vs vileState Funday Monday - Cannon Pushing! Leenock vs Parting! LiquidSheth vs TSLPolt DeMusliM vs NesTea - Mech TvZ Planetary Offensive - EU Funday Monday! Parting PvT Gateway Style! Morrow vs WBC - Absolute Insanity MarineKing vs DongRaeGu - Playing Nutty in TvZ Simplifying Builds Pt 2 - Your Attempts! Funday Monday - Nukes and Seuss! LastShadow TvP 6rax Opening White-Ra vs Bly LiquidSheth vs MStephano Zerg Builds Made Easy - Newbie Tuesday Attack of the Buildings Funday Monday! MC vs Taeja HuK PvP DT Play Build Orders Made Easy - Newbie Tuesday Funday Monday Monobattles PvZ 3 Base and Long Term Play! Stephano vs Polt ZvT Newbie Tuesday - Simplifying Problems! SKMC PvT - Living through the Midgame Simple TvT Openings by Puma! LiquidZenio vs oGsSuperNova Stephano ZvP Late Game Style! MarineKingPrime TvZ Aggro Style! Funday Monday - Counterattack Only! Newbie Tuesday - 10 games worth of Adjustments Newbie Thursday..?? Adjustments! Burrowed Baneling Funday Monday! LiquidRet ZvP ZvP Analysis w/ Sheth Naniwa PvT Opening Newbie Tuesday - Fixing 1 Problem at a Time Funday Monday - Lift em up! LiquidTLO ZvT Craziness MarineKing vs White-Ra - 2Rax Opening Stopping Mutalisks in PvZ Funday Monday - Alphabetical FFA Feast Stalker/Gateway PvT Style ZvP Roach Free Zeniownage Funday Monday - Defense is OFFENSE EmpireKas vs LiquidZenio - Amazing Aggression Grubby Never Gives Up in PvT! Grubby vs Sheth - PvZ Decision Making Newbie Tuesday - The Late Game Funday Monday - Kamikaze DAILY NOT FOUND Grubby Phoenix PvP! Stephano vs Thorzain - Epic ZvT Funday Monday - 2 Unites GONE! Special Episode! - Eliminating Assumptions Very Easy TvP by Empire.Kas Modern PvZ from Both Sides Funday Monday - 1-2-3-For-All! Terran week - Mech in TvP Terran Week - Bomber TvZ Terran Week - Thorzain TvT! SC2 Years Resolutions Rapid Reads, Protoss Style! Mech Example Funday Monday LiquidZenio Sturdy PvZ! Stephano ZvP Brilliance Walking through a ZvZ w/ LiquidZenio Funday Monday! LiquidZenio in ZvT LiquidHerO in PvP! LiquidHerO Nutty PvT Style Newbie Tuesday - Thinking in 3s Worst Partner of All Time! Choose Your Own Adventure! TvZ Goody Mech Style Funday Monday - Mothership Rush! ZvP - Idra vs Huk - Starving Your Opponent TvZ - Dealing with Zerg Aggression ZvP Dimaga Crazy Ling/Muta Mix PvP 3 Gate Robo Variations Mods vs Viewers Sase PvT Drop Play Huk vs Aria Select Crushes MVP With Aggression Half Health Battles Nestea ZvT Naniwa PvZ Style Becoming MVP The Wrong Side of the Bed Checkin Out Gatored Cannon Rush! Stephano vs KiwiKaki Exercises! 2v2 Money Dump A Game I Hated IdrA vs Puma Game #2 Controlling Game Flow IdrA vs Revivial 1.4 ZvZ More Monobattles! After Patch 1.4! Timing Attacks! 4 Gate? Try 4 Base! HuK vs Rain PvT LiquidHerO vs EGIdra PvZ Thorzain vs DRG TvZ No Stalkers! Checking out TvP! Queen Inject timing Unitless Zerg Play! Catz vs White-rA Ask Me Anything! (Audience Questions) Newbie Tuesday - Reprioritizing your To Do list! Gold Level Analysis One If By Land, Two If By Air LiquidRet vs dNaniwa We Have Liftoff! LiquidRet vs MouzThorzain oGsMC vs Sen Half and Half Puma vs oGsMC Half and Half Half and Half w/ Hasu and FXOsC Planetary Fortress Rushing Morrow vs DDe ZvT Socke vs Sheth PvZ Morrow vs Select Attack on Creep! Sen ZvZ from NASL finals! Friendday Wednesday w/ Destiny (ZvP) PvP - Where Is Your Edge? Epic PvT Recovery oGsMC PvZ Not a Pylon in Sight Terran week - TvP! Sjow vs Rain TvT TvZ - Less is More Funday Monday SC2BW! Terran Week - How Did I Lose? Ganzi vs Genius TvP Huk Blink PvZ Who is Hwangsin? ROOTSlush Larvae Management How to Learn and Improve No Keyboard, No Problem Pinning Your Opponent on a Build The Right and Wrong Way to Learn Competitive FFA White-rA vs Idra HasuObs PvT ZOMG Im Back! Zerg Scouting Without Scouting! Hero Has Arrived Happy vs Socke TvP Inspiration from Sheth! How to get a 90% winrate with Terran Using Ghosts StarportCraft Money Dumping Typical 2v2 Analysis Zergless 2v2 Teams Worst Partner Ever The Basics Sheth Nutty ZvT Friendday Wednesday w/ Sheth Refining a Stolen Build Zerg Tier Tears Slag Pits! Friendday Wednesday with Spanishiwa Stealing a Build Count to Three Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 3 Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 2 Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 1 Funday Monday.. on Tuesday! Hasuobs (P) vs TLO (T) Infestors! Nukes and Seuss Cruncher (P) vs Check (Z) Mana vs DuckLoad Using Reapers Funday Monday! Team Monobattles Combating the 4gate in PvP TSLAlive vs Huk! A Grubby Special! How to get into SC2! Battle of the Chat Mods! EGAxslav vs ROOTdestiny PvZ ROOT Minigun vs Forever PvT TvT Analysis at CeBIT in Germany PvT Analysis from Germany Checkin Out IdrA Huk vs qxc Mechanics #2 Contaminate This! Live Q&A with Day[9] Friendday Wednesday with iEchoic Refining Mechanics Mass Queen! Mondragon vs EmpireKas ZvT Naama vs DIMAGA ZvT Abver vs Mana PvZ Secrets of Hotkeys, APM and Mouse Movement Audience Improv Top Korean ZvZ KiwiKaki vs XlorD Dealing with Duckload Jinro TvP Mech What Natural Expansion? TvT Games on Xel Naga Caverns! Sen vs LiquidTyler (NonY) ZvP White-rA vs Naniwa Simple ZvZ Build Warp Prisms Morrow vs White-rA HuK vs NesTea ZvP Top Korean TvT Nydus Crazy Machine vs KiwiKaki ZvP Zerg vs Zerg Opening Builds Strelok vs Stephano TheLittleOne vs White-RA Ret vs oGsMC ZvP Analysis Ret vs oGsMC PvZ Huk vs Junwi Dealing with Insane Games Banelingz! Funday Monday - Battle Cruisers! Short Zerg Games! Dimaga vs QXC Analysis Fighting an Early Expand 5 Minute Attacks! Sen vs InControL LoveTT fancy PvZ Jinro vs Moon TvZ Friendday Wednesday with TLO Tyler vs OptikZero Expo Hungry Mass reaper vs protoss? A Different Path to Colossi Madfrog vs Tarson TvZ Sjow vs Fuzer TvT Sen vs Socke ZvP Analysis A Normal Ol Daily! 2v2 Strategy Funday Monday Halfsies! Live coaching with djWHEAT Artosis vs RenieHour Friendday Wednesday with JP! Dealing with Colossi Team Monobattles A Look at Blizzcon Games Friendday Wednesday with Qxc! Using Drops Alphabetical Free For All Friendday Wednesday with HuK Banshee Harass Special 3v3 and 4v4 Naama vs Madfrog TvZ Friendday Wednesday with Gretorp! Drone Timing No Marines, Marauders or Tanks! oGsGon vs EroSTT TvP How to Analyze a Map and Adjust Your Play Drewbie vs Darkforce ZvT Losing to Early Pressure Funday Monday with Carrier Rushes! Terran vs Protoss Example of Early Defense PvT Gretorp TvT Newbie Tuesday #1 No Queens! Mantra vs inControl PvP HuK Winning Some PvT Still Learning ZvT Watch Me Learn ZvT Socke vs Bratok PvT Simple Winning Techniques Learning from One-Sided Games Adel No-Gas PvP Check vs Maka ZvT Two (very different) PvZ games Bubba vs Stalife - Basic Decision Making Gretorp vs Fenix Tuning TvT Builds 4 Warp Gate Styles Protoss Macro Style Morrow vs Idra TvZ Nightend vs Giest PvP Zergling/Baneling Opening in ZvZ Low Level Reps - In-game Decision Making Fixing the Little Things Brat_OK vs TheLittleOne TvZ on Delta Quadrant White-Ra vs MadFrog ZvP on Scrap Station Countdown Party Post Mortem OgreEli vs XLord PvZ on Xel Naga Caverns HuK vs Silver (PvT) A Long, Insane ZvT Mech TvZ TvT thoughts White-Ra vs TheLittleOne - Late Game Protoss Aggression Counters Are Not Real Epic TvZ Huk PvZ Phoenix Follow Up Special Announcement and HuK Replays PvZ Getting Creative With 2 Gate Openings PvP Blink Stalkers White-Ra Part 1 PvT Special Gold Level 2v2 Analysis IT S MY BIRTHDAY!!! QXC vs KiwiKaki (TvP) Day[9] vs Tasteless - Random vs Random Lulz A Nutty ZvZ Game A suave new ZvT Recovering from Early Pressure ZvZ Mass Queens Part 2 (QXC ON AIR) The QXC Comeback The TvT Special The TvZ Special The TvP Special Mass Queens in ZvZ ZpuX vs DayFly Analysis The Mental Checklist TheLittleOne On Air Interview Day[9] vs Jinro Mech Day[9] vs Zion @ Blistering Sands White-Ra vs Maka @ Incineration Zone Fine tuning an opening Sen ZvT fast gas style White-Ra PvZ Idra solid ZvP Openings TTOne vs KawaiiRice PvT Incineration Zone Plugging Leaks in Silver level play Interesting TvP Play from Asia Teletha vs Soo @ Metalopolis TheLittleOne TvZ Style Morrow TvT in Craftcup Learning from a Loss A Fun 2v2 of My Housemates Day[9] vs Moonglade @ Kulas Ravine Hiya vs Free SC2 Lucifron TvZ Style Dealing with Losing SC2 Nony Phoenixes PvT SC2 Nony Phoenixes PvP Kal vs Really @ Polaris Rhapsody Pure vs Fantasy @ Eye of the Storm Diehilde ZvZ #2 Diehilde ZvZ #1 USC vs OSU CSL cast! DeMusliM vs HasuObs Kawaii Rice TvP Style My Life of Starcraft SC2 Jinro vs Naruto TvT @ Step SC2 Cellawerra vs Protoss @ Blistering Sands SC2 XiaoT vs Loner PvT @ Scrap Station Flashs PvT @ Proleague SC2 PvT Immortal Drop Opening SC2 Louder vs Assem TvZ @ Lost Temple SC2 Nazgul vs Jinro PvT @ Desert Oasis SC2 Haypro vs Hasuobs PvZ @ Scrap Station SC2 TheLittleOne vs DeMuslim RPVT Metalopolis SC2 Nazgul PvZ on Blistering SC2 Jinro vs Haypro TvZ @ Desert Oasis MVP vs Kal @ Fighting Spirit SC2 Jinro vs Lucifron TvT @ Kulas Ravine SC2 Day[9] vs Win TvP @ Kulas Ravine SC2 Smuft vs Insane @ Metalopolis SC2 PvZ Openings and Timings SC2 ZvT Midgame and Opening SC2 Overskys Zerg Analysis SC2 CowGoMoo Terran Play SC2 PvZ 2 gate opening SC2 Nazgul vs OgerAffe @ Metalopolis SC2 PvP Testing SC2 Mantra vs CauthonLuck PvT Jaedong vs Stork @ Match Point SC2 Zerg Openings SC2 PvT Immortals Analysis SC2 PvP rep 1 @ Desert Oasis SC2 Battle Report 4 Analysis Puma vs Kwanro @ Judgement day SC2 Battle Report 3 Analysis Hogil vs Stork @ 2 games SC2 BattleReport 2 Really vs Perfectman @ Match Point 2v2v2v2 BGH Fun Analysis of Goreans Analysis Movie vs Best @ Roadrunner Day[9] vs Gosi[Terran] bo3 LowLevelReps Leta vs Kal @ Tornado Upmagic vs Nal_rA @ Nemesis Sea vs Leta @ Moon Glaive Iris vs Calm @ Neo Harmony Firebathero vs Best @ Roadrunner Hia vs Jangbi @ Moon Glaive Pure vs Upmagic @ Outsider July vs FirebatHero @ Chupung 2v2v2v2 @ BGH GGplay vs Iris @ Python Bisu vs Nada @ Arcadia 2 Day[9] vs G5 @ 2 games Really vs Flash @ Match Point Flying vs Effort @ Heartbreak Ridge Match Point Analysis Hiya vs MVP @ Fighting Spirit Upmagic vs Perfectman @ Match Point Flash vs Zero @ Match Point Flash vs Calm @ Fighting Spirit Jangbi vs Really @ Fighting Spirit Hiya vs Flash @ Match Point Stork vs Best @ Outsider Zero vs Type-b @ Match Point Ruby vs Effort @ Odd-eye Hiya vs Flash @ Moon Glaive Day[9] vs Xellos @ Korhal Stork vs Flash @ Heartbreak Ridge Ret vs A+ Korean @ Heartbreak Ridge Violet vs Effort @ Match Point Two Action ZvZ Low Level Rep Analysis 2 Low Level Rep Analysis 1 Stork vs Movie @ Fighting Spirit Calm vs Fantasy @ Match Point Anytime vs Hyuk @ Fighting Spirit Upmagic vs Ggaemo @ Heartbreak Ridge Light vs Rarity @ Heartbreak Ridge Ruby vs Roro @ Eye of the Storm Fighting Spirit Map Analysis Stork vs Jaedong @ Colosseum Jaedong vs Bisu @ Destination Backho vs Han @ Fighting Spirit Pusan vs Jangbi @ Destination Upmagic vs Free @ Outsider Flash vs Best @ Fighting Spirit Light vs Movie @ ElNino Light vs Effort Gosi vs Great Calm vs Kwanro Free vs Hogil Luxury vs Geumchi Hogil vs Mind Bisu vs Jaedong 2 Bisu vs Jaedong 1 Flash vs Firebathero Stork vs ForGG Flash vs Hero
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December 2012

Episode 529 2012-12-03   Reveal Episode  Polts TvZ! Beat the imba vs  
Episode 530 2012-12-04   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - Bombers TvZ vs  
Episode 531 2012-12-05   Reveal Episode  SKT1.Rains PvZ - warp prism + speedlot! vs  
Episode 532 2012-12-11   Reveal Episode  Grubby HotS games! vs  
Episode 533 2012-12-12   Reveal Episode  New HotS patch ladder battling - Terran edition! vs  
Episode 534 2012-12-13   Reveal Episode  I hear the Oracle is good vs  

November 2012

Episode 521 2012-11-06   Reveal Episode  LiquidSea funky PvT style! vs  
Episode 522 2012-11-20   Reveal Episode  PartinGs Immortal Sentry push! Newbie Tuesday vs  
Episode 523 2012-11-21   Reveal Episode  TitaN vs Curious - Stunning positional PvZ vs  
Episode 524 2012-11-25   Reveal Episode  IdrA vs RorO BWC vs  
Episode 525 2012-11-26   Reveal Episode  BabyKnight PvT vs  
Episode 526 2012-11-27   Reveal Episode  Scarlett vs Nerchio vs  
Episode 527 2012-11-28   Reveal Episode  Phoenix vs Phoenix - Grubby v MC vs  
Episode 528 2012-11-29   Reveal Episode  83 min TvZ - ThorZaiN vs TargA vs  

October 2012

Episode 508 2012-10-01   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Drop Crazy vs  
Episode 509 2012-10-03   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - Optimizing Builds Week 1 vs  
Episode 510 2012-10-07   Reveal Episode  HotS Ladder battling 4 vs  
Episode 511 2012-10-08   Reveal Episode  QXC using mines in HotS! vs  
Episode 512 2012-10-09   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - Optimizing Builds Week 2 vs  
Episode 513 2012-10-10   Reveal Episode  Laddering - choose my builds! vs  
Episode 514 2012-10-11   Reveal Episode  Hots Ladder Battling! vs  
Episode 515 2012-10-16   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - Optimizing Builds Week 3 vs  
Episode 516 2012-10-18   Reveal Episode  TLO innovates Zerg AGAIN vs  
Episode 517 2012-10-21   Reveal Episode  Hots Ladder Battling! vs  
Episode 518 2012-10-22   Reveal Episode  Daily 3rd year anniversary! vs  
Episode 519 2012-10-25   Reveal Episode  Kas vs Thorzain TvT play vs  
Episode 520 2012-10-28   Reveal Episode  ROOToD vs EmpireBratOK vs  

September 2012

Episode 492 2012-09-04   Reveal Episode  TSL4 Preview - CreatorPrime is awesome! vs  
Episode 493 2012-09-05   Reveal Episode  Heart of the Swarm - Day[9] vs Sheth! vs  
Episode 494 2012-09-06   Reveal Episode  Day[9] tries to Mech in Heart of the Swarm! vs  
Episode 495 2012-09-09   Reveal Episode  Swarm Host in Heart of the Swarm! vs  
Episode 496 2012-09-10   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Kill your opponent with few units vs  
Episode 497 2012-09-11   Reveal Episode  Swarm Host in ZvT Heart of the Swarm! vs  
Episode 498 2012-09-12   Reveal Episode  Tempest based play in Heart of the Swarm vs  
Episode 499 2012-09-13   Reveal Episode  Day[9] plays 3 ladder games in HotS! vs  
Episode 500 2012-09-17   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday Reversal - Day[9] does what you say! vs  
Episode 501 2012-09-18   Reveal Episode  Morrows TvP Mech with no Warhounds! vs  
Episode 502 2012-09-19   Reveal Episode  LiquidNonYs Mothership Core tricks vs  
Episode 503 2012-09-20   Reveal Episode  Day[9] HotS ladder games 2 vs  
Episode 504 2012-09-24   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - No Gas til Three Bases vs  
Episode 505 2012-09-26   Reveal Episode  TaeJa vs Stephano from Dreamhack! vs  
Episode 506 2012-09-27   Reveal Episode  More HotS Laddering! vs  
Episode 507 2012-09-30   Reveal Episode  Heart of the Swarm Mech Attempt 2 vs  

August 2012

Episode 486 2012-08-05   Reveal Episode  HasuObs vs ThorZaIN - Long, Dramatic PvT vs  
Episode 487 2012-08-06   Reveal Episode  Only Attack Workers Funday Monday! vs  
Episode 488 2012-08-07   Reveal Episode  DarkForces ZvZ Mutalisk Play! vs  
Episode 489 2012-08-09   Reveal Episode  80% winrate TvZ from Taeja vs  
Episode 490 2012-08-21   Reveal Episode  Meching in TvZ vs  
Episode 491 2012-08-22   Reveal Episode  Funday Wednesday - Nuke to win! vs  

July 2012

Episode 473 2012-07-02   Reveal Episode  Nerchio vs. BratOK Im Back! vs  
Episode 474 2012-07-03   Reveal Episode  LiquidHerO vs mouzMana - Neat PvP vs  
Episode 475 2012-07-04   Reveal Episode  Warp Prism PvT style! vs  
Episode 476 2012-07-05   Reveal Episode  ZvP Mutalisk Transitioning vs  
Episode 477 2012-07-09   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Stop hitting yourself! vs  
Episode 478 2012-07-11   Reveal Episode  LiquidTaeja TvT games! vs  
Episode 479 2012-07-16   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Closest games ever! vs  
Episode 480 2012-07-17   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Finding Leaks In Your Play vs  
Episode 481 2012-07-18   Reveal Episode  No Colossus PvZ play by CreatorPrime vs  
Episode 482 2012-07-23   Reveal Episode  Closest games Encore - Funday Monday vs  
Episode 483 2012-07-24   Reveal Episode  Zerg Leakfinder - Newbie Tuesday! vs  
Episode 484 2012-07-25   Reveal Episode  DRG vs LiquidHero ZvP styling! vs  
Episode 485 2012-07-26   Reveal Episode  DRG vs MMA vs  

June 2012

Episode 470 2012-06-05   Reveal Episode  Bomber TvP Revolution! vs  
Episode 471 2012-06-06   Reveal Episode  Bomber vs Ostojiy - Nydus/Raven in TvZ? vs  
Episode 472 2012-06-07   Reveal Episode  Stephano Fast Max ZvP vs  

May 2012

Episode 456 2012-05-01   Reveal Episode  dSeleCT vs vileState vs  
Episode 457 2012-05-02   Reveal Episode  A Fun TvZ Mech Opening! vs  
Episode 458 2012-05-06   Reveal Episode  Current TvP Part 1: The Midgame vs  
Episode 459 2012-05-07   Reveal Episode  Only Air Funday Monday! vs  
Episode 460 2012-05-08   Reveal Episode  LiquidRet Choose Your Own Adventure! vs  
Episode 461 2012-05-09   Reveal Episode  White-Ra vs LiquidTLO! vs  
Episode 462 2012-05-10   Reveal Episode  LastShadow Choose Your Own Adventure! vs  
Episode 463 2012-05-14   Reveal Episode  Closest 2v2s of All Time - Funday Monday! vs  
Episode 464 2012-05-17   Reveal Episode  Mass Queen vs Mech ZvT vs  
Episode 465 2012-05-20   Reveal Episode  SeleCT vs aLive - Low Econ TvT vs  
Episode 466 2012-05-21   Reveal Episode  QuanticIllusion Aggressive, Unorthodox Play vs  
Episode 467 2012-05-22   Reveal Episode  EmpireViolet vs coLGanZi vs  
Episode 468 2012-05-23   Reveal Episode  Huk and Sase Fantastic PvT Openings vs  
Episode 469 2012-05-30   Reveal Episode  ToD vs Parting - Amazing PvP vs  

April 2012

Episode 437 2012-04-02   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday Monobattles vs  
Episode 438 2012-04-03   Reveal Episode  Build Orders Made Easy - Newbie Tuesday vs  
Episode 439 2012-04-04   Reveal Episode  HuK PvP DT Play vs  
Episode 440 2012-04-05   Reveal Episode  MC vs Taeja vs  
Episode 441 2012-04-09   Reveal Episode  Attack of the Buildings Funday Monday! vs  
Episode 442 2012-04-10   Reveal Episode  Zerg Builds Made Easy - Newbie Tuesday vs  
Episode 443 2012-04-11   Reveal Episode  LiquidSheth vs MStephano vs  
Episode 444 2012-04-12   Reveal Episode  White-Ra vs Bly vs  
Episode 445 2012-04-15   Reveal Episode  LastShadow TvP 6rax Opening vs  
Episode 446 2012-04-16   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Nukes and Seuss! vs  
Episode 447 2012-04-17   Reveal Episode  Simplifying Builds Pt 2 - Your Attempts! vs  
Episode 448 2012-04-18   Reveal Episode  MarineKing vs DongRaeGu - Playing Nutty in TvZ vs  
Episode 449 2012-04-19   Reveal Episode  Morrow vs WBC - Absolute Insanity vs  
Episode 450 2012-04-22   Reveal Episode  Parting PvT Gateway Style! vs  
Episode 451 2012-04-23   Reveal Episode  Planetary Offensive - EU Funday Monday! vs  
Episode 452 2012-04-24   Reveal Episode  DeMusliM vs NesTea - Mech TvZ vs  
Episode 453 2012-04-25   Reveal Episode  LiquidSheth vs TSLPolt vs  
Episode 454 2012-04-26   Reveal Episode  Leenock vs Parting! vs  
Episode 455 2012-04-30   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Cannon Pushing! vs  

March 2012

Episode 427 2012-03-05   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Counterattack Only! vs  
Episode 428 2012-03-06   Reveal Episode  MarineKingPrime TvZ Aggro Style! vs  
Episode 429 2012-03-07   Reveal Episode  Stephano ZvP Late Game Style! vs  
Episode 430 2012-03-08   Reveal Episode  LiquidZenio vs oGsSuperNova vs  
Episode 431 2012-03-20   Reveal Episode  Simple TvT Openings by Puma! vs  
Episode 432 2012-03-21   Reveal Episode  SKMC PvT - Living through the Midgame vs  
Episode 433 2012-03-26   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday! vs  
Episode 434 2012-03-27   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - Simplifying Problems! vs  
Episode 435 2012-03-28   Reveal Episode  Stephano vs Polt ZvT vs  
Episode 436 2012-03-29   Reveal Episode  PvZ 3 Base and Long Term Play! vs  

February 2012

Episode 412 2012-02-01   Reveal Episode  ZvP Roach Free Zeniownage vs  
Episode 413 2012-02-02   Reveal Episode  Feast Stalker/Gateway PvT Style vs  
Episode 414 2012-02-06   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Alphabetical FFA vs  
Episode 415 2012-02-08   Reveal Episode  Stopping Mutalisks in PvZ vs  
Episode 416 2012-02-09   Reveal Episode  MarineKing vs White-Ra - 2Rax Opening vs  
Episode 417 2012-02-12   Reveal Episode  LiquidTLO ZvT Craziness vs  
Episode 418 2012-02-13   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Lift em up! vs  
Episode 419 2012-02-14   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - Fixing 1 Problem at a Time vs  
Episode 420 2012-02-15   Reveal Episode  Naniwa PvT Opening vs  
Episode 421 2012-02-16   Reveal Episode  ZvP Analysis w/ Sheth vs  
Episode 422 2012-02-19   Reveal Episode  LiquidRet ZvP vs  
Episode 423 2012-02-20   Reveal Episode  Burrowed Baneling Funday Monday! vs  
Episode 424 2012-02-23   Reveal Episode  Newbie Thursday..?? Adjustments! vs  
Episode 425 2012-02-27   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday vs  
Episode 426 2012-02-28   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - 10 games worth of Adjustments vs  

January 2012

Episode 393 2012-01-02   Reveal Episode  SC2 Years Resolutions vs  
Episode 394 2012-01-03   Reveal Episode  Terran Week - Thorzain TvT! vs  
Episode 395 2012-01-04   Reveal Episode  Terran Week - Bomber TvZ vs  
Episode 396 2012-01-05   Reveal Episode  Terran week - Mech in TvP vs  
Episode 397 2012-01-09   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - 1-2-3-For-All! vs  
Episode 398 2012-01-10   Reveal Episode  Modern PvZ from Both Sides vs  
Episode 399 2012-01-11   Reveal Episode  Very Easy TvP by Empire.Kas vs  
Episode 400 2012-01-15   Reveal Episode  Special Episode! - Eliminating Assumptions vs  
Episode 401 2012-01-16   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - 2 Unites GONE! vs  
Episode 402 2012-01-19   Reveal Episode  Stephano vs Thorzain - Epic ZvT vs  
Episode 403 2012-01-22   Reveal Episode  Grubby Phoenix PvP! vs  
Episode 404 2012-01-18   Reveal Episode  DAILY NOT FOUND vs  
Episode 405 2012-01-23   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Kamikaze vs  
Episode 406 2012-01-24   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - The Late Game vs  
Episode 407 2012-01-25   Reveal Episode  Grubby vs Sheth - PvZ Decision Making vs  
Episode 408 2012-01-26   Reveal Episode  Grubby Never Gives Up in PvT! vs  
Episode 409 2012-01-29   Reveal Episode  EmpireKas vs LiquidZenio - Amazing Aggression vs  
Episode 410 2012-01-30   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Defense is OFFENSE vs  
Episode 411 2012-01-31   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - The Late Game vs  

December 2011

Episode 381 2011-12-05   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Worst Partner of All Time! vs  
Episode 382 2011-12-06   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - Thinking in 3s vs  
Episode 383 2011-12-07   Reveal Episode  LiquidHerO Nutty PvT Style vs  
Episode 384 2011-12-08   Reveal Episode  LiquidHerO in PvP! vs  
Episode 385 2011-12-11   Reveal Episode  LiquidZenio in ZvT vs  
Episode 386 2011-12-12   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday! vs  
Episode 387 2011-12-13   Reveal Episode  Walking through a ZvZ w/ LiquidZenio vs  
Episode 388 2011-12-14   Reveal Episode  Stephano ZvP Brilliance vs  
Episode 389 2011-12-15   Reveal Episode  LiquidZenio Sturdy PvZ! vs  
Episode 390 2011-12-19   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday vs  
Episode 391 2011-12-28   Reveal Episode  TvZ Answering Your Own Questions: Mech Example vs  
Episode 392 2011-12-29   Reveal Episode  Rapid Reads, Protoss Style! vs  

November 2011

Episode 369 2011-11-01   Reveal Episode  Select Crushes MVP With Aggression vs  
Episode 370 2011-11-02   Reveal Episode  Huk vs Aria vs  
Episode 371 2011-11-03   Reveal Episode  Sase PvT Drop Play vs  
Episode 372 2011-11-07   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Mods vs Viewers vs  
Episode 373 2011-11-08   Reveal Episode  PvP 3 Gate Robo Variations vs  
Episode 374 2011-11-09   Reveal Episode  ZvP Dimaga Crazy Ling/Muta Mix vs  
Episode 375 2011-11-10   Reveal Episode  TvZ - Dealing with Zerg Aggression vs  
Episode 376 2011-11-13   Reveal Episode  ZvP - Idra vs Huk - Starving Your Opponent vs  
Episode 377 2011-11-14   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Mothership Rush! vs  
Episode 378 2011-11-15   Reveal Episode  TvZ Goody Mech Style vs  
Episode 379 2011-11-17   Reveal Episode  Choose Your Own Adventure! vs  

October 2011

Episode 354 2011-10-03   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: More Monobattles! vs  
Episode 355 2011-10-04   Reveal Episode  IdrA vs Revivial 1.4 ZvZ vs  
Episode 356 2011-10-05   Reveal Episode  Controlling Game Flow vs  
Episode 357 2011-10-06   Reveal Episode  IdrA vs Puma Game #2 vs  
Episode 358 2011-10-09   Reveal Episode  A Game I Hated vs  
Episode 359 2011-10-10   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: 2v2 Money Dump vs  
Episode 360 2011-10-11   Reveal Episode  Mental Checklist: Exercises! vs  
Episode 361 2011-10-12   Reveal Episode  Stephano vs KiwiKaki vs  
Episode 362 2011-10-18   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Cannon Rush! vs  
Episode 363 2011-10-19   Reveal Episode  Checkin Out Gatored vs  
Episode 364 2011-10-25   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: The Wrong Side of the Bed vs  
Episode 365 2011-10-26   Reveal Episode  Becoming MVP vs  
Episode 366 2011-10-27   Reveal Episode  Naniwa PvZ Style vs  
Episode 367 2011-10-30   Reveal Episode  Nestea ZvT vs  
Episode 368 2011-10-31   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Half Health Battles vs  

September 2011

Episode 343 2011-09-01   Reveal Episode  Catz vs White-Ra vs  
Episode 344 2011-09-12   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Unitless Zerg Play! vs  
Episode 345 2011-09-13   Reveal Episode  Queen Inject timing vs  
Episode 346 2011-09-14   Reveal Episode  Checking out TvP! vs  
Episode 347 2011-09-19   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: No Stalkers! vs  
Episode 348 2011-09-21   Reveal Episode  Thorzain vs DRG TvZ vs  
Episode 349 2011-09-22   Reveal Episode  LiquidHerO vs EGIdra PvZ vs  
Episode 350 2011-09-25   Reveal Episode  HuK vs Rain PvT vs  
Episode 351 2011-09-26   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: 4 Gate? Try 4 Base! vs  
Episode 352 2011-09-27   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Timing Attacks! vs  
Episode 353 2011-09-28   Reveal Episode  PvP: After Patch 1.4! vs  

August 2011

Episode 332 2011-08-01   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Planetary Fortress Rushing vs  
Episode 333 2011-08-02   Reveal Episode  Half and Half w/ Hasu and FXOsC vs  
Episode 334 2011-08-03   Reveal Episode  Puma vs oGsMC Half and Half vs  
Episode 335 2011-08-04   Reveal Episode  oGsMC vs Sen Half and Half vs  
Episode 336 2011-08-07   Reveal Episode  LiquidRet vs MouzThorzain vs  
Episode 337 2011-08-08   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: We Have Liftoff! vs  
Episode 338 2011-08-09   Reveal Episode  LiquidRet vs dNaniwa vs  
Episode 339 2011-08-15   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: One If By Land, Two If By Air vs  
Episode 340 2011-08-17   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Gold Level Analysis vs  
Episode 341 2011-08-23   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday - Reprioritizing your To Do list! vs  
Episode 342 2011-08-31   Reveal Episode  Ask Me Anything! (Audience Questions) vs  

July 2011

Episode 317 2011-07-04   Reveal Episode  Terran Week - How Did I Lose? vs  
Episode 318 2011-07-04   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday SC2BW! vs  
Episode 319 2011-07-05   Reveal Episode  TvZ - Less is More vs  
Episode 320 2011-07-06   Reveal Episode  Sjow vs Rain TvT vs  
Episode 321 2011-07-07   Reveal Episode  Terran week - TvP! vs  
Episode 322 2011-07-11   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Not a Pylon in Sight vs  
Episode 323 2011-07-12   Reveal Episode  oGsMC PvZ vs  
Episode 324 2011-07-13   Reveal Episode  Epic PvT Recovery vs  
Episode 325 2011-07-14   Reveal Episode  PvP - Where Is Your Edge? vs  
Episode 326 2011-07-20   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday w/ Destiny (ZvP) vs  
Episode 327 2011-07-21   Reveal Episode  Sen ZvZ from NASL finals! vs  
Episode 328 2011-07-25   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Attack on Creep! vs  
Episode 329 2011-07-26   Reveal Episode  Morrow vs Select vs  
Episode 330 2011-07-27   Reveal Episode  Socke vs Sheth PvZ vs  
Episode 331 2011-07-28   Reveal Episode  Morrow vs DDe ZvT vs  

June 2011

Episode 310 2011-06-01   Reveal Episode  Pinning Your Opponent on a Build vs  
Episode 311 2011-06-07   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: No Keyboard, No Problem vs  
Episode 312 2011-06-08   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: How to Learn and Improve vs  
Episode 313 2011-06-09   Reveal Episode  ROOTSlush Larvae Management vs  
Episode 314 2011-06-12   Reveal Episode  Who is Hwangsin? vs  
Episode 315 2011-06-23   Reveal Episode  Huk Blink PvZ vs  
Episode 316 2011-06-30   Reveal Episode  Ganzi vs Genius TvP vs  

May 2011

Episode 297 2011-05-02   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: StarportCraft vs  
Episode 298 2011-05-03   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Using Ghosts vs  
Episode 299 2011-05-04   Reveal Episode  How to get a 90% winrate with Terran vs  
Episode 300 2011-05-05   Reveal Episode  Inspiration from Sheth! vs  
Episode 301 2011-05-08   Reveal Episode  Happy vs Socke TvP vs  
Episode 302 2011-05-09   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Hero Has Arrived vs  
Episode 303 2011-05-10   Reveal Episode  Zerg Scouting Without Scouting! vs  
Episode 305 2011-05-25   Reveal Episode  ZOMG Im Back! vs  
Episode 306 2011-05-26   Reveal Episode  A Simple Plan: HasuObs PvT vs  
Episode 307 2011-05-29   Reveal Episode  White-Ra vs Idra vs  
Episode 308 2011-05-30   Reveal Episode  Competitive FFA vs  
Episode 309 2011-05-31   Reveal Episode  The Right and Wrong Way to Learn vs  

April 2011

Episode 280 2011-04-05   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday.. on Tuesday! vs  
Episode 281 2011-04-06   Reveal Episode  Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 1 vs  
Episode 282 2011-04-07   Reveal Episode  Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 2 vs  
Episode 283 2011-04-10   Reveal Episode  Hardcore TvP Analysis Part 3 vs  
Episode 284 2011-04-11   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Count to Three vs  
Episode 285 2011-04-13   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Stealing a Build vs  
Episode 286 2011-04-14   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday with Spanishiwa vs  
Episode 287 2011-04-17   Reveal Episode  Map Analysis: Slag Pits! vs  
Episode 288 2011-04-18   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Zerg Tier Tears vs  
Episode 289 2011-04-19   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Refining a Stolen Build vs  
Episode 290 2011-04-20   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday w/ Sheth vs  
Episode 291 2011-04-21   Reveal Episode  Sheth Nutty ZvT vs  
Episode 292 2011-04-24   Reveal Episode  2v2 Week: The Basics vs  
Episode 293 2011-04-25   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Worst Partner Ever vs  
Episode 294 2011-04-26   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Zergless 2v2 Teams vs  
Episode 295 2011-04-27   Reveal Episode  2v2 Week: Typical 2v2 Analysis vs  
Episode 296 2011-04-28   Reveal Episode  2v2 Week: Money Dumping vs  

March 2011

Episode 265 2011-03-01   Reveal Episode  TvT Analysis at CeBIT in Germany vs  
Episode 266 2011-03-08   Reveal Episode  ROOT Minigun vs Forever PvT vs  
Episode 267 2011-03-09   Reveal Episode  EGAxslav vs ROOTdestiny PvZ vs  
Episode 268 2011-03-14   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Battle of the Chat Mods! vs  
Episode 269 2011-03-15   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: How to get into SC2! vs  
Episode 270 2011-03-16   Reveal Episode  A Grubby Special! vs  
Episode 271 2011-03-17   Reveal Episode  TSLAlive vs Huk! vs  
Episode 272 2011-03-20   Reveal Episode  Combating the 4gate in PvP vs  
Episode 273 2011-03-21   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday! Team Monobattles vs  
Episode 274 2011-03-23   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Using Reapers vs  
Episode 275 2011-03-24   Reveal Episode  Mana vs DuckLoad vs  
Episode 276 2011-03-27   Reveal Episode  Cruncher (P) vs Check (Z) vs  
Episode 277 2011-03-28   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Nukes and Seuss vs  
Episode 278 2011-03-29   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Infestors! vs  
Episode 279 2011-03-30   Reveal Episode  Hasuobs (P) vs TLO (T) vs  

February 2011

Episode 252 2011-02-01   Reveal Episode  Secrets of Hotkeys, APM and Mouse Movement vs  
Episode 253 2011-02-02   Reveal Episode  Abver vs Mana PvZ vs  
Episode 254 2011-02-03   Reveal Episode  Naama vs DIMAGA ZvT vs  
Episode 255 2011-02-06   Reveal Episode  Mondragon vs EmpireKas ZvT vs  
Episode 256 2011-02-07   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Mass Queen! vs  
Episode 257 2011-02-08   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Refining Mechanics vs  
Episode 258 2011-02-09   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday with iEchoic vs  
Episode 259 2011-02-13   Reveal Episode  Live Q&A with Day[9] vs  
Episode 260 2011-02-14   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Contaminate This! vs  
Episode 261 2011-02-15   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Mechanics #2 vs  
Episode 262 2011-02-16   Reveal Episode  Huk vs qxc vs  
Episode 263 2011-02-17   Reveal Episode  Checkin Out IdrA vs  
Episode 264 2011-02-23   Reveal Episode  PvT Analysis from Germany vs  

January 2011

Episode 231 2011-01-02   Reveal Episode  Ret vs oGsMC PvZ vs  
Episode 232 2011-01-03   Reveal Episode  Ret vs oGsMC ZvP Analysis vs  
Episode 233 2011-01-04   Reveal Episode  TheLittleOne vs White-RA vs  
Episode 234 2011-01-05   Reveal Episode  Strelok vs Stephano vs  
Episode 235 2011-01-06   Reveal Episode  Zerg vs Zerg Opening Builds vs  
Episode 236 2011-01-09   Reveal Episode  Machine vs KiwiKaki ZvP vs  
Episode 237 2011-01-10   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Nydus Crazy vs  
Episode 238 2011-01-11   Reveal Episode  Top Korean TvT vs  
Episode 239 2011-01-13   Reveal Episode  HuK vs NesTea ZvP vs  
Episode 240 2011-01-16   Reveal Episode  Morrow vs White-Ra vs  
Episode 241 2011-01-17   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Warp Prisms vs  
Episode 242 2011-01-18   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Simple ZvZ Build vs  
Episode 243 2011-01-19   Reveal Episode  White-Ra vs Naniwa vs  
Episode 244 2011-01-20   Reveal Episode  Sen vs LiquidTyler (NonY) ZvP vs  
Episode 245 2011-01-23   Reveal Episode  TvT Games on Xel Naga Caverns! vs  
Episode 246 2011-01-24   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: What Natural Expansion? vs  
Episode 247 2011-01-25   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Jinro TvP Mech vs  
Episode 248 2011-01-26   Reveal Episode  Dealing with Duckload vs  
Episode 249 2011-01-27   Reveal Episode  KiwiKaki vs XlorD vs  
Episode 250 2011-01-30   Reveal Episode  Top Korean ZvZ vs  
Episode 251 2011-01-31   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Audience Improv vs  

December 2010

Episode 222 2010-12-05   Reveal Episode  Sen vs InControL vs  
Episode 223 2010-12-06   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: 5 Minute Attacks! vs  
Episode 224 2010-12-08   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Fighting an Early Expand vs  
Episode 225 2010-12-09   Reveal Episode  Dimaga vs QXC Analysis vs  
Episode 226 2010-12-12   Reveal Episode  Short Zerg Games! vs  
Episode 227 2010-12-13   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday - Battle Cruisers! vs  
Episode 228 2010-12-14   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Banelingz! vs  
Episode 229 2010-12-15   Reveal Episode  Dealing with Insane Games vs  
Episode 230 2010-12-16   Reveal Episode  Huk vs Junwi vs  

November 2010

Episode 209 2010-11-01   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday Halfsies! vs  
Episode 210 2010-11-02   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: 2v2 Strategy vs  
Episode 211 2010-11-03   Reveal Episode  A Normal Ol Daily! vs  
Episode 212 2010-11-08   Reveal Episode  Sen vs Socke ZvP Analysis vs  
Episode 213 2010-11-09   Reveal Episode  Sjow vs Fuzer TvT vs  
Episode 214 2010-11-10   Reveal Episode  Madfrog vs Tarson TvZ vs  
Episode 215 2010-11-11   Reveal Episode  A Different Path to Colossi vs  
Episode 216 2010-11-14   Reveal Episode  Mass reaper vs protoss? vs  
Episode 217 2010-11-15   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Expo Hungry vs  
Episode 218 2010-11-16   Reveal Episode  Tyler vs OptikZero vs  
Episode 219 2010-11-17   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday with TLO vs  
Episode 220 2010-11-18   Reveal Episode  Jinro vs Moon TvZ vs  
Episode 221 2010-11-21   Reveal Episode  LoveTT fancy PvZ vs  

October 2010

Episode 192 2010-10-03   Reveal Episode  oGsGon vs EroSTT TvP vs  
Episode 193 2010-10-04   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: No Marines, Marauders or Tanks! vs  
Episode 194 2010-10-05   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Drone Timing vs  
Episode 195 2010-10-06   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday with Gretorp! vs  
Episode 196 2010-10-07   Reveal Episode  Naama vs Madfrog TvZ vs  
Episode 197 2010-10-11   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday #4: Special 3v3 and 4v4 vs  
Episode 198 2010-10-12   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Banshee Harass vs  
Episode 199 2010-10-13   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday with HuK vs  
Episode 200 2010-10-18   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Alphabetical Free For All vs  
Episode 201 2010-10-19   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Using Drops vs  
Episode 202 2010-10-20   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday with Qxc! vs  
Episode 203 2010-10-24   Reveal Episode  A Look at Blizzcon Games vs  
Episode 204 2010-10-25   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: Team Monobattles vs  
Episode 205 2010-10-26   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Dealing with Colossi vs  
Episode 206 2010-10-27   Reveal Episode  Friendday Wednesday with JP! vs  
Episode 207 2010-10-28   Reveal Episode  Artosis vs RenieHour vs  
Episode 208 2010-10-31   Reveal Episode  Live coaching with djWHEAT vs  

September 2010

Episode 170 2010-09-01   Reveal Episode  Tuning TvT Builds vs  
Episode 171 2010-09-02   Reveal Episode  Gretorp vs Fenix vs  
Episode 172 2010-09-05   Reveal Episode  Bubba vs Stalife - Basic Decision Making vs  
Episode 173 2010-09-06   Reveal Episode  Two (very different) PvZ games vs  
Episode 174 2010-09-07   Reveal Episode  Check vs Maka ZvT vs  
Episode 175 2010-09-08   Reveal Episode  Adel No-Gas PvP vs  
Episode 176 2010-09-09   Reveal Episode  TvT: Learning from One-Sided Games vs  
Episode 177 2010-09-12   Reveal Episode  Simple Winning Techniques vs  
Episode 178 2010-09-13   Reveal Episode  Socke vs Bratok PvT vs  
Episode 179 2010-09-14   Reveal Episode  Watch Me Learn ZvT vs  
Episode 180 2010-09-15   Reveal Episode  Still Learning ZvT vs  
Episode 181 2010-09-16   Reveal Episode  HuK Winning Some PvT vs  
Episode 182 2010-09-19   Reveal Episode  Mantra vs inControl PvP vs  
Episode 183 2010-09-20   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday: No Queens! vs  
Episode 184 2010-09-21   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday #1 vs  
Episode 185 2010-09-22   Reveal Episode  A Normal Daily: Gretorp TvT vs  
Episode 186 2010-09-23   Reveal Episode  Example of Early Defense PvT vs  
Episode 187 2010-09-26   Reveal Episode  Terran vs Protoss vs  
Episode 188 2010-09-27   Reveal Episode  Funday Monday with Carrier Rushes! vs  
Episode 189 2010-09-28   Reveal Episode  Newbie Tuesday: Losing to Early Pressure vs  
Episode 190 2010-09-29   Reveal Episode  Drewbie vs Darkforce ZvT vs  
Episode 191 2010-09-30   Reveal Episode  How to Analyze a Map and Adjust Your Play vs  

August 2010

Episode 157 2010-08-02   Reveal Episode  A Long, Insane ZvT vs  
Episode 158 2010-08-03   Reveal Episode  HuK vs Silver (PvT) vs  
Episode 159 2010-08-04   Reveal Episode  OgreEli vs XLord PvZ on Xel Naga Caverns vs  
Episode 160 2010-08-05   Reveal Episode  Countdown Party Post Mortem vs  
Episode 161 2010-08-08   Reveal Episode  White-Ra vs MadFrog ZvP on Scrap Station vs  
Episode 162 2010-08-09   Reveal Episode  Brat_OK vs TheLittleOne TvZ on Delta Quadrant vs  
Episode 163 2010-08-10   Reveal Episode  Gold Level: Fixing the Little Things vs  
Episode 164 2010-08-11   Reveal Episode  Low Level Reps - In-game Decision Making vs  
Episode 165 2010-08-12   Reveal Episode  Zergling/Baneling Opening in ZvZ vs  
Episode 166 2010-08-24   Reveal Episode  Nightend vs Giest PvP vs  
Episode 167 2010-08-25   Reveal Episode  Morrow vs Idra TvZ vs  
Episode 168 2010-08-30   Reveal Episode  PvT: Protoss Macro Style vs  
Episode 169 2010-08-31   Reveal Episode  Protoss: 4 Warp Gate Styles vs  

July 2010

Episode 149 2010-07-01   Reveal Episode  White-ra Part 3: PvZ Getting Creative With 2 Gate Openings vs  
Episode 150 2010-07-04   Reveal Episode  Special Announcement and HuK Replays vs  
Episode 151 2010-07-05   Reveal Episode  Huk PvZ Phoenix Follow Up vs  
Episode 152 2010-07-06   Reveal Episode  Jinro vs Lalush: Epic TvZ vs  
Episode 153 2010-07-12   Reveal Episode  Socke vs Marrow: Counters Are Not Real vs  
Episode 154 2010-07-13   Reveal Episode  White-Ra vs TheLittleOne - Late Game Protoss Aggression vs  
Episode 155 2010-07-14   Reveal Episode  Morrow vs Predy: TvT thoughts vs  
Episode 156 2010-07-15   Reveal Episode  Dimaga vs Painuser: Mech TvZ vs  

June 2010

Episode 128 2010-06-01   Reveal Episode  Day[9] vs Zion @ Blistering Sands vs  
Episode 130 2010-06-03   Reveal Episode  Day[9] vs Jinro Mech vs  
Episode 131 2010-06-07   Reveal Episode  TheLittleOne On Air Interview vs  
Episode 132 2010-06-08   Reveal Episode  Back to the Basics: The Mental Checklist vs  
Episode 133 2010-06-09   Reveal Episode  Replay Vault: ZpuX vs DayFly Analysis vs  
Episode 134 2010-06-10   Reveal Episode  Mass Queens in ZvZ vs  
Episode 135 2010-06-13   Reveal Episode  Brat_OK Part 1: The TvP Special vs  
Episode 136 2010-06-14   Reveal Episode  Brat_OK Part 2: The TvZ Special vs  
Episode 137 2010-06-15   Reveal Episode  Brat_OK Part 2: The TvT Special vs  
Episode 138 2010-06-16   Reveal Episode  (QXC ON AIR) The QXC Comeback vs  
Episode 139 2010-06-17   Reveal Episode  ZvZ Mass Queens Part 2 vs  
Episode 140 2010-06-20   Reveal Episode  Artosis Part 1: Recovering from Early Pressure vs  
Episode 141 2010-06-21   Reveal Episode  Artosis Part 2: A suave new ZvT vs  
Episode 142 2010-06-22   Reveal Episode  Artosis Part 3: A Nutty ZvZ Game vs  
Episode 143 2010-06-23   Reveal Episode  Day[9] vs Tasteless - Random vs Random Lulz vs  
Episode 144 2010-06-24   Reveal Episode  QXC vs KiwiKaki (TvP) vs  
Episode 145 2010-06-27   Reveal Episode  IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! vs  
Episode 146 2010-06-28   Reveal Episode  Gold Level 2v2 Analysis vs  
Episode 147 2010-06-29   Reveal Episode  White-Ra Part 1 PvT Special vs  
Episode 148 2010-06-30   Reveal Episode  White-Ra Part 2: PvP Blink Stalkers vs  

May 2010

Episode 110 2010-05-05   Reveal Episode  Dealing with Losing vs  
Episode 111 2010-05-06   Reveal Episode  SC2 Lucifron TvZ Style vs  
Episode 112 2010-05-09   Reveal Episode  Hiya vs Free vs  
Episode 113 2010-05-10   Reveal Episode  Day[9] vs Moonglade @ Kulas Ravine vs  
Episode 115 2010-05-12   Reveal Episode  A Fun 2v2 of My Housemates vs  
Episode 116 2010-05-13   Reveal Episode  Learning from a Loss vs  
Episode 117 2010-05-16   Reveal Episode  Morrow TvT in Craftcup vs  
Episode 118 2010-05-17   Reveal Episode  TheLittleOne TvZ Style vs  
Episode 119 2010-05-18   Reveal Episode  Teletha vs Soo @ Metalopolis vs  
Episode 120 2010-05-19   Reveal Episode  Interesting TvP Play from Asia vs  
Episode 121 2010-05-20   Reveal Episode  Plugging Leaks in Silver level play vs  
Episode 122 2010-05-23   Reveal Episode  TTOne vs KawaiiRice PvT Incineration Zone vs  
Episode 123 2010-05-24   Reveal Episode  Idra solid ZvP Openings vs  
Episode 124 2010-05-25   Reveal Episode  White-Ra PvZ vs  
Episode 125 2010-05-26   Reveal Episode  Sen ZvT fast gas style vs  
Episode 126 2010-05-27   Reveal Episode  Fine tuning an opening vs  
Episode 127 2010-05-31   Reveal Episode  White-Ra vs Maka @ Incineration Zone vs  

April 2010

Episode 94 2010-04-04   Reveal Episode  SC2 Louder vs Assem TvZ @ Lost Temple vs  
Episode 95 2010-04-05   Reveal Episode  SC2 PvT Immortal Drop Opening vs  
Episode 96 2010-04-06   Reveal Episode  Flashs PvT @ Proleague vs  
Episode 97 2010-04-07   Reveal Episode  SC2 XiaoT vs Loner PvT @ Scrap Station vs  
Episode 98 2010-04-08   Reveal Episode  SC2 Cellawerra vs Protoss @ Blistering Sands vs  
Episode 99 2010-04-12   Reveal Episode  SC2 Jinro vs Naruto TvT @ Step vs  
Episode 100 2010-04-13   Reveal Episode  My Life of Starcraft vs  
Episode 101 2010-04-14   Reveal Episode  Kawaii Rice TvP Style vs  
Episode 102 2010-04-15   Reveal Episode  DeMusliM vs HasuObs vs  
Episode 103 2010-04-18   Reveal Episode  USC vs OSU CSL cast! vs  
Episode 104 2010-04-19   Reveal Episode  Diehilde ZvZ #1 vs  
Episode 105 2010-04-20   Reveal Episode  Diehilde ZvZ #2 vs  
Episode 106 2010-04-21   Reveal Episode  Pure vs Fantasy @ Eye of the Storm vs  
Episode 107 2010-04-22   Reveal Episode  Kal vs Really @ Polaris Rhapsody vs  
Episode 108 2010-04-25   Reveal Episode  SC2 Nony Phoenixes PvP vs  
Episode 109 2010-04-26   Reveal Episode  SC2 Nony Phoenixes PvT vs  

March 2010

Episode 79 2010-03-01   Reveal Episode  SC2 PvZ 2 gate opening vs  
Episode 81 2010-03-03   Reveal Episode  SC2 CowGoMoo Terran Play vs  
Episode 82 2010-03-04   Reveal Episode  SC2 Overskys Zerg Analysis vs  
Episode 83 2010-03-07   Reveal Episode  SC2 ZvT Midgame and Opening vs  
Episode 84 2010-03-08   Reveal Episode  SC2 PvZ Openings and Timings vs  
Episode 85 2010-03-09   Reveal Episode  SC2 Smuft vs Insane @ Metalopolis vs  
Episode 86 2010-03-21   Reveal Episode  SC2 Day[9] vs Win TvP @ Kulas Ravine vs  
Episode 87 2010-03-22   Reveal Episode  SC2 Jinro vs Lucifron TvT @ Kulas Ravine vs  
Episode 88 2010-03-23   Reveal Episode  MVP vs Kal @ Fighting Spirit vs  
Episode 89 2010-03-24   Reveal Episode  SC2 Jinro vs Haypro TvZ @ Desert Oasis vs  
Episode 90 2010-03-25   Reveal Episode  SC2 Nazgul PvZ on Blistering vs  
Episode 91 2010-03-29   Reveal Episode  SC2 TheLittleOne vs DeMuslim RPVT Metalopolis vs  
Episode 92 2010-03-30   Reveal Episode  SC2 Haypro vs Hasuobs PvZ @ Scrap Station vs  
Episode 93 2010-03-31   Reveal Episode  SC2 Nazgul vs Jinro PvT @ Desert Oasis vs  

February 2010

Episode 60 2010-02-01   Reveal Episode  LowLevelReps vs  
Episode 61 2010-02-02   Reveal Episode  LowLevelReps vs  
Episode 62 2010-02-03   Reveal Episode  Day[9] vs Gosi[Terran] bo3 vs  
Episode 63 2010-02-04   Reveal Episode  Movie vs Best @ Roadrunner vs  
Episode 64 2010-02-08   Reveal Episode  Analysis of Gorean Analysis vs  
Episode 65 2010-02-09   Reveal Episode  2v2v2v2 BGH Fun vs  
Episode 66 2010-02-10   Reveal Episode  Really vs Perfectman @ Match Point vs  
Episode 67 2010-02-11   Reveal Episode  SC2 BattleReport 2 vs  
Episode 68 2010-02-12   Reveal Episode  Hogil vs Stork @ 2 games vs  
Episode 69 2010-02-15   Reveal Episode  SC2 Battle Report 3 Analysis vs  
Episode 70 2010-02-16   Reveal Episode  Puma vs Kwanro @ Judgement day vs  
Episode 71 2010-02-17   Reveal Episode  SC2 Battle Report 4 Analysis vs  
Episode 72 2010-02-18   Reveal Episode  SC2 PvP rep 1 @ Desert Oasis vs  
Episode 73 2010-02-21   Reveal Episode  SC2 PvT Immortals Analysis vs  
Episode 74 2010-02-22   Reveal Episode  SC2 Zerg Openings vs  
Episode 75 2010-02-23   Reveal Episode  Jaedong vs Stork @ Match Point vs  
Episode 76 2010-02-24   Reveal Episode  SC2 Mantra vs CauthonLuck PvT vs  
Episode 77 2010-02-25   Reveal Episode  SC2 PvP Testing vs  
Episode 78 2010-02-28   Reveal Episode  SC2 Nazgul vs OgerAffe @ Metalopolis vs  

January 2010

Episode 40 2010-01-03   Reveal Episode  Flash vs Calm @ Fighting Spirit vs  
Episode 41 2010-01-04   Reveal Episode  Flash vs Zero @ Match Point vs  
Episode 42 2010-01-05   Reveal Episode  Upmagic vs Perfectman @ Match Point vs  
Episode 43 2010-01-06   Reveal Episode  Hiya vs MVP @ Fighting Spirit vs  
Episode 44 2010-01-07   Reveal Episode  Match Point Analysis vs  
Episode 45 2010-01-10   Reveal Episode  Flying vs Effort @ Heartbreak Ridge vs  
Episode 46 2010-01-11   Reveal Episode  Really vs Flash @ Match Point vs  
Episode 47 2010-01-12   Reveal Episode  Day[9] vs G5 @ 2 games vs  
Episode 48 2010-01-13   Reveal Episode  Bisu vs Nada @ Arcadia 2 vs  
Episode 49 2010-01-14   Reveal Episode  GGplay vs Iris @ Python vs  
Episode 50 2010-01-18   Reveal Episode  2v2v2v2 @ BGH vs  
Episode 51 2010-01-19   Reveal Episode  July vs FirebatHero @ Chupung vs  
Episode 53 2010-01-21   Reveal Episode  Pure vs Upmagic @ Outsider vs  
Episode 54 2010-01-24   Reveal Episode  Hia vs Jangbi @ Moon Glaive vs  
Episode 55 2010-01-25   Reveal Episode  Firebathero vs Best @ Roadrunner vs  
Episode 56 2010-01-26   Reveal Episode  Iris vs Calm @ Neo Harmony vs  
Episode 57 2010-01-27   Reveal Episode  Sea vs Leta @ Moon Glaive vs  
Episode 58 2010-01-28   Reveal Episode  Upmagic vs Nal_rA @ Nemesis vs  
Episode 59 2010-01-31   Reveal Episode  Leta vs Kal @ Tornado vs  

December 2009

Episode 27 2009-12-01   Reveal Episode  Low Level Rep Analysis 1 vs  
Episode 28 2009-12-02   Reveal Episode  Low Level Rep Analysis 2 vs  
Episode 29 2009-12-03   Reveal Episode  Two Action ZvZ vs  
Episode 30 2009-12-06   Reveal Episode  Violet vs Effort @ Match Point vs  
Episode 31 2009-12-07   Reveal Episode  Ret vs A+ Korean @ Heartbreak Ridge vs  
Episode 32 2009-12-08   Reveal Episode  Stork vs Flash @ Heartbreak Ridge vs  
Episode 33 2009-12-09   Reveal Episode  Day[9] vs Xellos @ Korhal vs  
Episode 34 2009-12-10   Reveal Episode  Hiya vs Flash @ Moon Glaive vs  
Episode 35 2009-12-13   Reveal Episode  Ruby vs Effort @ Odd-eye vs  
Episode 36 2009-12-14   Reveal Episode  Zero vs Type-b @ Match Point vs  
Episode 37 2009-12-16   Reveal Episode  Stork vs Best @ Outsider vs  
Episode 38 2009-12-17   Reveal Episode  Hiya vs Flash @ Match Point vs  
Episode 39 2009-12-22   Reveal Episode  Jangbi vs Really @ Fighting Spirit vs  

November 2009

Episode 8 2009-11-02   Reveal Episode  Luxury vs Geumchi vs  
Episode 9 2009-11-03   Reveal Episode  Free vs Hogil vs  
Episode 10 2009-11-04   Reveal Episode  Calm vs Kwanro vs  
Episode 11 2009-11-05   Reveal Episode  Gosi vs Great vs  
Episode 12 2009-11-08   Reveal Episode  Light vs Effort vs  
Episode 13 2009-11-09   Reveal Episode  Light vs Movie @ ElNino vs  
Episode 14 2009-11-11   Reveal Episode  Flash vs Best @ Fighting Spirit vs  
Episode 15 2009-11-12   Reveal Episode  Upmagic vs Free @ Outsider vs  
Episode 16 2009-11-15   Reveal Episode  Pusan vs Jangbi @ Destination vs  
Episode 17 2009-11-16   Reveal Episode  Backho vs Han @ Fighting Spirit vs  
Episode 18 2009-11-17   Reveal Episode  Jaedong vs Bisu @ Destination vs  
Episode 19 2009-11-18   Reveal Episode  Stork vs Jaedong @ Colosseum vs  
Episode 20 2009-11-19   Reveal Episode  Fighting Spirit Map Analysis vs  
Episode 21 2009-11-22   Reveal Episode  Ruby vs Roro @ Eye of the Storm vs  
Episode 22 2009-11-23   Reveal Episode  Light vs Rarity @ Heartbreak Ridge vs  
Episode 23 2009-11-24   Reveal Episode  Upmagic vs Ggaemo @ Heartbreak Ridge vs  
Episode 24 2009-11-25   Reveal Episode  Anytime vs Hyuk @ Fighting Spirit vs  
Episode 25 2009-11-29   Reveal Episode  Calm vs Fantasy @ Match Point vs  
Episode 26 2009-11-30   Reveal Episode  Stork vs Movie @ Fighting Spirit vs  

October 2009

Episode 1 2009-10-22   Reveal Episode  Flash vs Hero vs  
Episode 2 2009-10-25   Reveal Episode  Stork vs ForGG vs  
Episode 3 2009-10-26   Reveal Episode  Flash vs Firebathero vs  
Episode 4 2009-10-27   Reveal Episode  Bisu vs Jaedong 1 vs  
Episode 5 2009-10-28   Reveal Episode  Bisu vs Jaedong 2 vs  
Episode 6 2009-10-29   Reveal Episode  Hogil vs Mind vs  
// */